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We are builders working hands-on with your team using modern development and deployment methodologies. We combine agility, quality assurance, and time to market in regulated industries.
We deliver minimal viable products from day one. We fuel your solutions by helping you design, develop and scale products and teams, processes and tools.

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You just identified a problem and need help building a startup? You are a startup needing a partnership to build and grow your idea? You are a bigger organisation needing a fast moving team? We engage with you and your idea from ideation to deliveries… and beyond!

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You need good teams who can engage and help you achieving a challenge?
We are there to help you, no matter the topic: design, technology, development, QA, project management, processes, tools, …

Let us be your shadow
The team
Gilles Fernandez
Gothenburg, Sweden
I like being at the intersection of design and technology building new products. I am a strong believer of AGILE methodology and have the moto “the whole is better than the sum of its parts”. Thanks to my experience leading teams, products and technical implementation I can help anyone challenging their teams and market delivering creative and disruptive products.
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Johan Thelin
Gothenburg, Sweden
I work as a system architect and have a wide experience from device creation. From the small home automation controls, to large premium automotive infotainment systems - what I enjoy is the process of creating something from nothing. A common topic through my projects has been the usage of open source components in the right places to accelerate projects. I am a frequent speaker and writer and like to discuss open source, licensing, community building, as well as purely technical concepts.
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Andreas Rosenlind
Gothenburg, Sweden
In my engagements as a solution architect I always take an aggregated approach in mapping the landscape - defining the product or solution by focusing on the why and the overall purpose. During my 15+ years within telecom, consumer and mobility industries I have built up a comprehensive experience and understanding in all areas from embedded silicon and hardware designs to enterprise and IoT solution architectures as well as industry business models and transformation patterns.
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